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Preparation for Employment

The booklet “Self-learning Kit for People with Disabilities – Key of Success to Open Employment” published by the Labour Department aims at assisting persons with disabilities to acquaint with the different steps in job hunting as well as to grasp the basic skills in securing an employment. Through this booklet, it is hoped to encourage job-seekers with disabilities to flexibly utilise different channels and resources in looking for a suitable job, and to help them draw up clear strategies in job hunting and employment, so as to achieve the goal of securing employment.

Where Persons with disabilities Can Look for Jobs

Persons with disabilities can now look for jobs through various employment channels, such as referral by rehabilitation agencies or through open recruitment.

Employment Channels

Job seekers with disabilities

Organisations that provide career matching services: non-conventional service providers, projects of self-mobilised organisations, private employment placement agencies, etc.
(Webpages of respective organisations)

Persons seeking open employment

Others: careers expos, recruitment days, self-nominations, referrals
(Please refer to related publicity publications)

Persons seeking open employment

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